A downloadable art house fish game for Windows and macOS

A moving, Cannes award winning story of a young fish looking for her lost lover in a strange world.

You have moved into a new city full of vibrant fish. A missed connection, the fish of your dreams, she is hidden among the cityfish.

How to play

Search and find the fish that looks like you. Exactly like you, only she's bigger. Press space when you're near her to win.


WASD or arrow keys to move

Space to check if any of the nearby fish are you lost lover

Esc to quit


I would say I made this but honestly 90% of it was free Unity assets

Various bits and bobs, and moral support - Snobird

Voice acting - Sparrow


LePoissonPerduWindows.zip 28 MB
LePoissonPerduOSX.app.zip 29 MB

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