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Really impressive art - and especially impressive worldbuilding and backstory for such a short game!

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I love the concept and the art! I wish there was an ending scene depending on which items Ive picked. I also found myself looking for a "Im ready" button instead of just waiting for the time to ran out. Having said that Im digging the game and Id love to see more!

*Id love to help you translate this game to spanish just bc I really liked your game!

I like the pixel art and music, and the dystopian backstory. However, the game ends abruptly. I had expected to see an ending scene depending on my in-game choices. Look forward to seeing more of your games!


Really interesting concept. Great art & music. I think I was expecting a little more pay-off at the end. Could use a way to say "okay I'm ready" instead of waiting for the clock to run out. Would like to manipulate the environment to find items: opening and closing cabinets, for example. Good work!