A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Android

Watch a car drive, as 27 coins are flipped above it every few seconds. If they ever all land on skulls, you will die.

Everything's by me, but the music is my arrangement of a piece by Max Richter called On the Nature of Daylight.

According to a report by the UK Department for Transport in 2013, there are 5.6 road fatalities per 1 billion kilometres driven. Crunch some numbers, and that comes to about a 1 in 135 million chance of dying for each kilometre driven.

This means for each kilometre driven, you flip 27 theoretical coins. If they all land on tails, you die.

While these odds are hugely unlikely, I spend a lot of time sitting in cars worrying about the coins, being tossed again and again. It'll likely never happen to me, but the fear's irrational and not so easily placated.

This game is an illustration of that fear. I guess it's optimistic at heart; it would probably take 562500 hours of cumulative playtime for anyone to see the ending. But the ending does exist, and it is possible.


Sunny Side Up - Windows 23 MB
Sunny Side Up - OSX 23 MB
Sunny Side Up - Android 30 MB

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